First Conference of Hypertension in Khartoum

When did you last get your Blood Pressure measured? The same question was asked by Prof. Mohamed Mustafa Kardash to a large group of Registrars of Medicine and found that very few had actually measured their BP in the recent past. Much awareness is needed in this country about Hypertension –the silent killer. The firstContinue reading “First Conference of Hypertension in Khartoum”

Indian Scholarships for Sudanese Students

From time immemorial, India has been a centre for learning. India can claim to be one of the leading countries providing quality higher education to its people as well as to students and scholars from countries all over the world. Indian Universities have made significant contribution in the frontiers of science and technology and theseContinue reading “Indian Scholarships for Sudanese Students”

Buying Capacity in Khartoum

The press has reported that in Sudan the current rate of inflation is 42%. Wheat is in short supply. Sugar is a commodity with a very high consumption and yet only a smaller pack is now in supply. Ironically going by the buying capacity of the people in Khartoum one does not get the realContinue reading “Buying Capacity in Khartoum”

Congratulations Tahani

My friend Dr. Anwar Ahmed Osman introduced me to her in her office. I think it was on the 16th floor of the tallest building in Sudan. The Telecom building on Nile Street . Tahani Abdalla Attia  was the State Minister of Science and Communication then. I took a picture of the Blue Nile and ManshiyaContinue reading “Congratulations Tahani”

Nile Plast Expo 2013

  There has been an increasing demand for plastic products in Sudan. The 6th International Exhibition for Plastics Industries and Technology from 2nd to 5th December at Khartoum International Fair Grounds is a golden opportunity for cooperation and integration between exhibitors, suppliers and prospective buyers. Nile Plast Expo 2013 is the only exhibition of itsContinue reading “Nile Plast Expo 2013”

India Sudan Bilateral Relations

India Sudan relations have been traced back to almost 5000 years during Nile Valley Civilisation and Indus Valley Civilisation. The pastoral people in North East Sudan known as Bejas claim to have originated from India.The Black Funj Sultanate with its capital in Sennar traded with India in silk, silver ornaments, leather and gold through SuakinContinue reading “India Sudan Bilateral Relations”

World Congress of Echinococcosis in Khartoum

Khartoum is currently hosting an International Meet. It is the 25th World Congress of Echinococcosis. This is also the 2nd African Regional Hydatidology Congress. This Congress of International Association of Hydatidology (IAH) is in collaboration with Cystic Echinococcosis Sub-Saharan Africa Research Initiative (CESSARi) and Sudan Hydatid Society (SHS). The tops scientists and researchers of HydatidologyContinue reading “World Congress of Echinococcosis in Khartoum”

Reading for Meaning

If you are ‘barking at these prints’ then you are reading it aloud but this also means that you may not understand the meaning. Reading is the process of perceiving and understanding the meaning of written language. The purposes of your reading may be skimming-to get information about the text; scanning-to get information from theContinue reading “Reading for Meaning”

Namaste to Sudan through Sudan Vision

Our journey started together eleven years ago in Khartoum. I have been associated with Sudan Vision ever since, both as a reader and as a freelance contributor. Sudan Vision has always given space to the Indian community in Sudan. This also reflects the space that Sudanese people have for Indians in their minds and heart.Continue reading “Namaste to Sudan through Sudan Vision”

Life saving medicines donated to Khartoum State Ministry of Health

We are all aware that recent rains and floods have affected thousands of people in Khartoum and other areas. Some of the people have lost their lives and the rest have lost their homes and property. As an aftermath of this crisis the major problem that arises in the affected people are diseases like malaria,Continue reading “Life saving medicines donated to Khartoum State Ministry of Health”