First 1 to talk about Impurity Free Sugar

Sugar not fat is the real heart disease killer. WHO recommends that adults should keep their intake of sugar to no more than 25 grams (6 teaspoons) daily. Sugar is no more a commodity. It is promoted as a brand. Promoting branded sugar with a health message, especially in Sudan which has high consumption ofContinue reading “First 1 to talk about Impurity Free Sugar”

Stop Tobacco to Save Your Life -Sudanese Chest Physicians

Sudanese Chest Physicians Society (SCPS) held their 10th Scientific Conference in Khartoum. The scientific program was comprehensive with lectures, workshops, panel discussions covering topics related to thoracic medicine including critical care, sleep medicine, allergy, immunology and infectious diseases. There were speakers from Egypt, Nigeria, India and Sudan. SCPS in collaboration with World Association of BronchologyContinue reading “Stop Tobacco to Save Your Life -Sudanese Chest Physicians”

Women Power in Blue Nile

Ambassador Susan Blankhart of the Netherlands is very active and visible in social media where we get to know that she has been invited for a typical Sudanese gada (lunch) or she has visited a potato farm in Omdurman. But this time social media announced about the challenge she took to swim across the BlueContinue reading “Women Power in Blue Nile”

Gandhi and Tagore remembered by President of Sudan

At the 3rd India Africa Forum Summit, New Delhi , President of the Republic of Sudan Field Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Bashir concluded his speech by quoting excerpts of a poem by Sudanese poet Taj Elsir Al Hassan written one year after Bandung conference – ” friendly hands were extended to us, the face of GandhiContinue reading “Gandhi and Tagore remembered by President of Sudan”

Good News on Friday the 13th

On Friday 13th June, there was a Medical Doctor and an Ambulance waiting at Khartoum airport for a passenger from El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, Sudan. There were also senior security officials from United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Sudanese Security Agencies, State Minister of Darfur, Ambassador of India ,other officials from the IndianContinue reading “Good News on Friday the 13th”

School Toppers and Karate Kids

The two common factors between siblings Lina and Mohamed Elhaj are that they both have a Brown Belt in Karate and both have achieved excellent results in their Primary School Examinations. Lina Emad Mohamed Alhaj is this year’s Topper in Sudanese Primary Certificate Examination with a total of 279 out of 280. Her father EmadContinue reading “School Toppers and Karate Kids”

Bad Throat is a Killing Disease

Dr.Sulafa Ali – pioneer in treating children’s heart diseases in Sudan requested the media to announce ‘Bad Throat is a Killing Disease’. This is to create awareness about children’s heart diseases. A bad throat may lead to rheumatic fever. Untreated and recurrent rheumatic fever leads to rheumatic heart disease which can cause permanent damage toContinue reading “Bad Throat is a Killing Disease”

Sudanese Girl gets UWC scholarship in India

I didn’t know about United World Colleges (UWC) until I heard about my son’s classmate Mawada Abdalla getting a UWC scholarship and going to Pune to study IB. UWC Mahindra College in Pune is financially supported by business house Mahindra & Mahindra. The college occupies 175 acres land with prize winning campus buildings and naturalContinue reading “Sudanese Girl gets UWC scholarship in India”

First Birthday Cake for Al-Youm Al-Tali

There are about 30 newspapers published in Sudan. Publishing a newspaper is a major challenge in Sudan. Most of the newspapers have faced upheavals at some point of time. Even newcomer Al-Youm Al-Tali was not spared. Muzammil Abulgasim Editor-in-Chief of Al-Youm Al-Tali had the tenacity to make his Arabic daily increase its readership day byContinue reading “First Birthday Cake for Al-Youm Al-Tali”

Indian Ambassador meets Ahmed Haroun at Al Ubbayid

If one searches the name of the capital of North Kordofan in the internet, one will get two spellings, Al Ubbayid and El Obeid. The Ambassador of India prefers the former because it sounds more Arabic. The Ambassador of India H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma visited Al Ubbayid on 9th & 10th April on an invitationContinue reading “Indian Ambassador meets Ahmed Haroun at Al Ubbayid”