2nd International Cardiology Conference in Khartoum

This was the 2nd International Cardiology Conference held in Khartoum organized by Sudan Heart Society from 8th to 10th February’14 with Dr.Saad Subahi as the President of the society. The conference was well attended by Consultant Cardiologists, Interventional Cardiologists, Cardiac surgeons and all Doctors in Sudan who are pursuing a career in Cardiology. There wereContinue reading “2nd International Cardiology Conference in Khartoum”

Life saving medicines donated to Khartoum State Ministry of Health

We are all aware that recent rains and floods have affected thousands of people in Khartoum and other areas. Some of the people have lost their lives and the rest have lost their homes and property. As an aftermath of this crisis the major problem that arises in the affected people are diseases like malaria,Continue reading “Life saving medicines donated to Khartoum State Ministry of Health”