Stop Tobacco to Save Your Life -Sudanese Chest Physicians

Sudanese Chest Physicians Society (SCPS) held their 10th Scientific Conference in Khartoum. The scientific program was comprehensive with lectures, workshops, panel discussions covering topics related to thoracic medicine including critical care, sleep medicine, allergy, immunology and infectious diseases. There were speakers from Egypt, Nigeria, India and Sudan. SCPS in collaboration with World Association of BronchologyContinue reading “Stop Tobacco to Save Your Life -Sudanese Chest Physicians”

School Toppers and Karate Kids

The two common factors between siblings Lina and Mohamed Elhaj are that they both have a Brown Belt in Karate and both have achieved excellent results in their Primary School Examinations. Lina Emad Mohamed Alhaj is this year’s Topper in Sudanese Primary Certificate Examination with a total of 279 out of 280. Her father EmadContinue reading “School Toppers and Karate Kids”

Big Things in Small Package

Barcelos of flame griIled chicken fame has opened its second branch in Khartoum in Street 15 Al Amarat. The Portuguese flavor is spreading in Sudan. The first opening was in Al Safa, Ebeid Khatim Street in Khartoum almost a year back. Chetan Kamble was the Restaurant Manager from the beginning. Chetan is now managing theContinue reading “Big Things in Small Package”

2nd International Urologists Conference in Khartoum

Sudan has high incidence of patients with kidney stones. It is relevant to know who treats a patient with kidney stones- is he or she an Urologist or a Nephrologist? A Nephrologist is a physician who has been trained in the treatment and management of kidney disorders. A Nephrologist is not a surgeon and willContinue reading “2nd International Urologists Conference in Khartoum”

Cutest Greek Couple in Sudan

The loving old couple you see in this picture is Terry Gabrialidis,75 and his wife Helen. Terry’s father Panayioti was born in Greece in 1908. As a youngster he ventured out of Greece and came to Alexandria in Egypt and then to Khartoum, Sudan. He was one of the pioneers of Lemonade in Sudan. TerryContinue reading “Cutest Greek Couple in Sudan”

Meeting of the African Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in Khartoum

19 members of the African Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists  (AFOG) got together at the Police Club in Khartoum on Friday 21st February’14. This meeting was hosted by the General Secretary of AFOG, a son of the soil, Dr.Amir Elnahas. The countries present at this meeting were Benin, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea,Continue reading “Meeting of the African Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in Khartoum”

First Conference of Hypertension in Khartoum

When did you last get your Blood Pressure measured? The same question was asked by Prof. Mohamed Mustafa Kardash to a large group of Registrars of Medicine and found that very few had actually measured their BP in the recent past. Much awareness is needed in this country about Hypertension –the silent killer. The firstContinue reading “First Conference of Hypertension in Khartoum”

Buying Capacity in Khartoum

The press has reported that in Sudan the current rate of inflation is 42%. Wheat is in short supply. Sugar is a commodity with a very high consumption and yet only a smaller pack is now in supply. Ironically going by the buying capacity of the people in Khartoum one does not get the realContinue reading “Buying Capacity in Khartoum”

Congratulations Tahani

My friend Dr. Anwar Ahmed Osman introduced me to her in her office. I think it was on the 16th floor of the tallest building in Sudan. The Telecom building on Nile Street . Tahani Abdalla Attia  was the State Minister of Science and Communication then. I took a picture of the Blue Nile and ManshiyaContinue reading “Congratulations Tahani”

India Sudan Bilateral Relations

India Sudan relations have been traced back to almost 5000 years during Nile Valley Civilisation and Indus Valley Civilisation. The pastoral people in North East Sudan known as Bejas claim to have originated from India.The Black Funj Sultanate with its capital in Sennar traded with India in silk, silver ornaments, leather and gold through SuakinContinue reading “India Sudan Bilateral Relations”