Mohyeldin to head the Sudanese Indian Friendship Association

Sudanese Indian Friendship Association ( SIFA ) is made up of Sudanese people who graduated from Indian Universities. Whether it is from Madras, Pune, Nagpur, Baroda, Jabalpur or Hyderabad all the Sudanese Alumni from any of these Universities are members of SIFA. On Saturday 13th December an election was held to elect the new PresidentContinue reading “Mohyeldin to head the Sudanese Indian Friendship Association”

Single Window Service Provider for Education in India

Whenever an unknown Sudanese youth smiles at me in the streets of Khartoum and greets me in Hindi language, I know for sure that he has studied in India. More than 30,000 Sudanese have studied in India. At this given point of time there are around 4000 students from Sudan studying in India. India‚Äôs higherContinue reading “Single Window Service Provider for Education in India”