First 1 to talk about Impurity Free Sugar

Sugar not fat is the real heart disease killer. WHO recommends that adults should keep their intake of sugar to no more than 25 grams (6 teaspoons) daily. Sugar is no more a commodity. It is promoted as a brand. Promoting branded sugar with a health message, especially in Sudan which has high consumption ofContinue reading “First 1 to talk about Impurity Free Sugar”

Stop Tobacco to Save Your Life -Sudanese Chest Physicians

Sudanese Chest Physicians Society (SCPS) held their 10th Scientific Conference in Khartoum. The scientific program was comprehensive with lectures, workshops, panel discussions covering topics related to thoracic medicine including critical care, sleep medicine, allergy, immunology and infectious diseases. There were speakers from Egypt, Nigeria, India and Sudan. SCPS in collaboration with World Association of BronchologyContinue reading “Stop Tobacco to Save Your Life -Sudanese Chest Physicians”

Medical Value Travel To India

12-year-old Mukhtar Ahmed Ali Gadkarim from Sudan was suffering from kidney failure due to a rare disorder known as Primary Hyperoxaluria. He was saved at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, India, where he successfully underwent a combined Liver and Kidney Transplant. A multi-organ transplant team of surgeons took 16 hours to conduct the challenging surgery whereContinue reading “Medical Value Travel To India”

Moringa Mafi

‘Spearmint fi, Cinnamon fi, Hibiscus fi, Hargal fi, Fenugreek fi, Green tea fi, Anise fi, laakin Moringa mafi’. This is what I have been hearing since the last three months in all Hypermarkets and Supermarkets in Khartoum. All variants or ingredients of ‘tea bags’ are available except Moringa. My evening tea is Moringa and afterContinue reading “Moringa Mafi”

Chewing Mastic Gum

Chewing gum is good for the gums. Another word for chewing is ‘masticate’ and chewing ‘mastic’ gum is the best. The Ancient Greeks chewed mastic gum made from the resin of the mastic tree. Because mastic contains compounds that are known to inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium primarily responsible for gastritis and pepticContinue reading “Chewing Mastic Gum”

Hot Tablet Touch

In this digital age – adaptation and application is the name of the game. iPads as a Visual Aid is an exciting idea. E-detailing is a form of marketing that uses the internet as the central method of communication. And of course custom designed apps for the brands with country specific message certainly supports customerContinue reading “Hot Tablet Touch”

The Doctor Who Is Also A Poet

The most popular sport in Sudan is Football. Sudan has a rich football history in Africa and has been  champion of Africa Cup of Nations in 1970. The two biggest football teams are Al-Merrikh and Al-Hilal. This reminds me of arch rivals Mohan Bagan and East Bengal both from Kolkata back home in India. InContinue reading “The Doctor Who Is Also A Poet”

Photographs of Psoriasis

As Pharmaceutical Marketing Professionals we serve the Medical Fraternity with our offerings. We do care for the patients for they are our end users or consumers. Some companies have organized system of keeping track of their patients in a Direct To Consumer (DTC) communication. I recently had a new kind of encounter with a patient.Continue reading “Photographs of Psoriasis”