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Kaveer is likely to do business in Sudan

Kaveer.jpgKaveer is a South African of Indian origin. He belongs to the 5th generation of the Indian diaspora. The father of his great grandfather migrated to South Africa during the same time as Mahatma Gandhi.
His name is Kaveer Beharee. Going by his family name, I suspect that his roots are in the state of Bihar in the Eastern region of India. Kaveer Beharee is a well groomed professional with an American accent and trained under Mark Heid in IBM in US. Kaveer is Founder and Principal Analyst at Ubiquity Consulting, Johannesburg in South Africa. Ubiquity is South Africa’s first social business intelligence consultancy. They focus on the second wave of social media –data and intelligence. At the 1st Digital Marketing Summit in Khartoum, he addressed the five issues that prevent companies from realizing value from social media investment. Kaveer was impressed with the people of Sudan and wants to come back to do business in Sudan.