Medical Value Travel To India

12-year-old Mukhtar Ahmed Ali Gadkarim from Sudan was suffering from kidney failure due to a rare disorder known as Primary Hyperoxaluria. He was saved at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, India, where he successfully underwent a combined Liver and Kidney Transplant. A multi-organ transplant team of surgeons took 16 hours to conduct the challenging surgery whereContinue reading “Medical Value Travel To India”

Khomasiyat – Five a side football

Football is the most popular sport in Sudan. One time champions of Africa cup of nations, Sudan still remains among the top three countries in Africa in the game of football. Merriekh and Al Hillal are the two best football clubs in Sudan. They remind me of Mohan Bagan and East Bengal of Kolkata MaidansContinue reading “Khomasiyat – Five a side football”

Hot Tablet Touch

In this digital age – adaptation and application is the name of the game. iPads as a Visual Aid is an exciting idea. E-detailing is a form of marketing that uses the internet as the central method of communication. And of course custom designed apps for the brands with country specific message certainly supports customerContinue reading “Hot Tablet Touch”

Nile waters bring you back to Sudan

‘If you have drunk of the Nile’s sweet waters, you will come back to Sudan’ goes the saying. I have seen it happening to many people I know from the Indian expatriate community. Perhaps it has to do with the attachment to the peaceful life style and the nice people of Sudan. Some would sayContinue reading “Nile waters bring you back to Sudan”

First Conference of Hypertension in Khartoum

When did you last get your Blood Pressure measured? The same question was asked by Prof. Mohamed Mustafa Kardash to a large group of Registrars of Medicine and found that very few had actually measured their BP in the recent past. Much awareness is needed in this country about Hypertension –the silent killer. The firstContinue reading “First Conference of Hypertension in Khartoum”