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Dental Implant on the same day but make it in the morning

Patients should get their Dental procedures done in the morning. Be it extraction, root canal or implants. In the evening the patient has already had a stressful day. The Dentist’s chair invites more stress and anxiety and the patient does not cooperate with the Dental surgeons procedures. I’m speaking from personal experience. I had fixed an appointment for extraction of my impacted molar and the next molar on Friday evening. I thought I could rest on following two days being Saturday and Sunday. I had delivered four lecture sessions on Friday and I was more stressed in the Dentist’s chair. I was very anxious and could not give my full cooperation to the extraction procedure of my molar. The confident and dexterous dental surgeon called it a day and asked me to come the next morning.
The next morning I not only got my two molars extracted smoothly but I walked back home from the clinic with two implants. It was like getting rid of the old teeth and getting new ones the same day. Thanks to Doctors at #ParthaDental.