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Traditional pharmacies to go on strike with the threat of online pharmacies.

While transferring the money through the mobile app to the KBC participant tonight, I heard Amitabh Bacchhan say ‘Aaj kal Digital ka zamana hai’ – the new digital age. And tomorrow, on 29 Sept, we have an All India Strike by the Chemists & Druggists (Medicine Retailers) in protest against the newly emerged On Line Pharmacies. –India ki Pharmacy; #Medlife; #Frontline Pharmacy ; #MediBuddy; #Practo; #Medikabazar; #1mg; #PharmEasy. These are some of the on line chemists. Like how Amazon and Flipkart have come to stay, so will the e-Chemists. My friends have said that on line pharmacies will benefit patients and senior citizens who will get their medicines delivered at home on a regular basis. On line confidential consultations can also be made with anonymity. Moreover medicines will be much more affordable on line. What we need is a strong regulation and strict adherence to guidelines of Schedule H & X drugs. Even in business models with digital touch points the human factor makes a lot of difference in credibility and trust. Hope the on line e-Pharmacies will live up to these expectations.

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