Antibacterials need to have good taste

Asian Paint’s Royale Luxury Emulsion is the antibacterial paint that cares for you. It kills 99% of bacteria with its silver ion technology which is recommended by Indian Medical Association. Zodiac shirts branded as Securo kills 99% of the Covid-19 virus with HEIQ VIROBLOCK Swiss Technology. The ubiquitous 10 sec TVC of Greenlam Anti-Bacterial LaminatesContinue reading “Antibacterials need to have good taste”

Hope the ‘repurposing’ is purposeful – psoriasis to covid cytokine storm

ALZUMAb, Biocon’s brand of Itolizumab is a joint research product with Cuba. It was officially launched in India in 2013 for Psoriasis, an autoimmune skin disorder with white scales. Being a monoclonal antibody, Itolizumab down regulates the pro-inflammatory cytokines. With this knowledge the Cubans used it on severe Covid patients and got promising outcomes. BioconContinue reading “Hope the ‘repurposing’ is purposeful – psoriasis to covid cytokine storm”

Measuring Oxygen Saturation at Home is a Sensible Idea

It is a sensible idea to keep a Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter at home. It has the potential to diagnose and monitor Covid symptoms. The pulse oximeter is a simple device which has to be clipped onto the finger . When switched on it measures the pulse or the rate of heart beat and theContinue reading “Measuring Oxygen Saturation at Home is a Sensible Idea”

Boost Immunity, Fight Covid-19. Drink water from Copper bottle

Did you know that drinking water from copper bottle helps you strengthen immunity and makes you an infection fighter? Yes, this is what we need today to remain strong in immunity and defeat Covid-19. There are many more health benefits in drinking water from a copper bottle. Please the link to buy this beautiful AyurvedaContinue reading “Boost Immunity, Fight Covid-19. Drink water from Copper bottle”

Forehead Thermometer Syndrome

As soon as you enter the gate, the security guard takes out his gun and aims at your forehead with a beam of infra-red. There exists a ‘white-coat- syndrome’ where the blood pressure of a person goes up seeing the white coat of the doctor, perhaps out of fear. Could there be a similar ‘forehead-thermometer-Continue reading “Forehead Thermometer Syndrome”