Partnership and Collaboration to Fight Covid Pandemic

MEDICINES PATENT POOL (MPP), an UN-backed non-profit, works to make medical treatment and technology globally accessible. It has signed an agreement with 130-year-old pharma giant Merck (known as MSD in India) to sub-license the formulation Molnupiravir to manufacture and market in more than 105 countries mostly in Africa and Asia. Molnupiravir was first invented atContinue reading “Partnership and Collaboration to Fight Covid Pandemic”

Humanitarian angle of Pharma Paragon Dr.Yusuf Hamied to save lives

Thanks to Prof. Tarun Khanna of Harvard Business School for this interview with Pharma Paragon Dr.Yusuf Hamied. This interview was held in 2013 and Dr.Hamied had prophesied that in 2020, India will feel the real impact of patent law. In view of that he had said that he would be willing to pay the originatorContinue reading “Humanitarian angle of Pharma Paragon Dr.Yusuf Hamied to save lives”