Many Happy Returns of the Day Prof.Philip Kotler

The most influential marketer of all times turns 90 today. He is also known as the Father of Modern Marketing. No wonder, the nonagenarian in his latest book titled Marketing 5.0 writes about digital-savvy Generation Y, Z and Generation Alpha. He also elaborates how the emerging technologies should be leveraged for the good of humanity.Continue reading “Many Happy Returns of the Day Prof.Philip Kotler”

Defence Does Research and Develops Drug against Covid

2-Deoxy-D-Glucose – a simple anti-cancer drug is now being repurposed as adjunct therapy for emergency use in mild to moderate hospitalized Covid positive patients. Dr.Akshay Budhiraja, Pulmonologist at Aakash Healthcare, New Delhi who conducted the clinical trials said that this drug reduces the oxygen dependency by 42%, reduces the viral load and turned the CovidContinue reading “Defence Does Research and Develops Drug against Covid”

Lessons learnt from the Pfizer vaccine success story as written by CEO Albert Bourla

Success is a team effort. Every single person in Pfizer BioNTech was instrumental in the development of the vaccine. It can pay to put purpose first. The mission in mind was to save the world. ROI was never a consideration. Find a way to make the impossible possible. The challenges were to develop the vaccineContinue reading “Lessons learnt from the Pfizer vaccine success story as written by CEO Albert Bourla”

What does brushing have to do with diabetics?

Colgate Palmolive company has always been the leader in the oral care segment of the FMCG market. In response to the market forces it introduced toothpastes containing herbal and natural ingredients. Its recent launch of Colgate diabetics advance ayurvedic solution targets a market size of 40 million diabetics in India. Interestingly there is no TVCContinue reading “What does brushing have to do with diabetics?”

Nanotechnology Enabled Hand Sanitizer for Once-a-Day Use

Just Human 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer – 250ml (Pack of 2) is a new launch made in India with US Technology. The Nanotechnology works on two compounds, 70% Ethanol and Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC). This creates an invisible protective Bionic shield on your hands which kills 99.9% of coronavirus. This has been proven in theContinue reading “Nanotechnology Enabled Hand Sanitizer for Once-a-Day Use”

Marketing 5.0 -Technology for Humanity

Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity The most influential marketer of all time Mr. Philip Kotler gave a case study on Covid-19 as the Digitalization Accelerator. In his new book, he has written that during lockdowns and mobility restrictions, customers are becoming more dependent on online platforms for daily activities. He believes that the it hasContinue reading “Marketing 5.0 -Technology for Humanity”

Did you know of Corona Remedies?

Did you know that there is a pharmaceutical company named Corona Remedies Ltd? No, it was not founded in Corona times. It has a long history since 2004 founded in Ahmedabad. It has manufacturing facilities in Himachal Pradesh and has wide range of products. It has acquired a few brands from GSK and Abbott andContinue reading “Did you know of Corona Remedies?”

Ten Communities to Greet Today

There could be more, but I discovered ten communities in India, to whom I can extend my greetings. Baisakhi in Punjab, Chaitra Navratri in West Bengal, Bihu in Assam, Biju in Tripura, Sajibu in Manipur, Ugadi in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra and Goa, Cheti Chand for Sindhis and beginning ofContinue reading “Ten Communities to Greet Today”