Birthday Wishes to a Living Legend

Memorabilia 4: We witnessed the live performance of the living legend Sonal Mansingh in Sudan on Saturday, November 4, 2006. I had the opportunity to report the event in the local English daily. Ambassador Deepak Vohra had complimented me on my write-up which he thought was not amateurish. I must mention here Mr. Deepak VohraContinue reading “Birthday Wishes to a Living Legend”

Memorabilia 3: Pewter plate from KL

It was only when I visited the Royal Selangor company in KL, circa 1996, that I learned what Pewter is. The designs and craftsmanship with Pewter were amazing. I still cherish the plate that was gifted to me by my colleagues from Parke Davis Malaysia. Mr. Yugal Sikri and I had represented Parke Davis IndiaContinue reading “Memorabilia 3: Pewter plate from KL”

Memorabilia 2: Having met Mother Teresa

Memorabilia-2: During my days in Sudan, I used to meet the sisters from the Missionaries of Charity at the ‘home’ in a remote town. I was simply moved by their selfless service for mankind in a different continent. They thought I was blessed to have met Mother Teresa in Calcutta in 1988. This was herContinue reading “Memorabilia 2: Having met Mother Teresa”

Dettol New Disinfectant Spray- an anti-virus value proposition recommended by Indian Medical Association

I was surprised to find that many don’t know who makes Dettol. The name of the company, I mean. Some even thought it was Hindustan Unilever. This also speaks about the magnitude of the brand Dettol , which is a household name when it comes to anti-germ and antiseptic platform. Dettol was voted as theContinue reading “Dettol New Disinfectant Spray- an anti-virus value proposition recommended by Indian Medical Association”

CX in Sales Promotion

My dentist was very kind to me. He not only treated my ailment well, he also gave me two small tubes of Pepsodent-G to take care of my gums. This was my first experience with this brand of Unilever’s toothpaste. After consuming two sample tubes I went to my neighbouring Apollo Pharmacy, and to myContinue reading “CX in Sales Promotion”

Started my career detailing Threptin protein biscuits

Easy to carry protein biscuits made of casein, milk protein, just right for busy executives who need not skip meals, for gyming young men who need additional protein, during pregnancy and for students to carry in their tiffin box. It’s a food supplement. Wholesome and easily

Man with a Golden Hand – Maestro K.C.Janardhan

He was perhaps the only Indian citizen who has been permitted to write and fill his own passport. This happened because the passport authorities acknowledged his beautiful handwriting in italics on his application form. He also wrote his father’s death certificate and his daughter’s birth certificate. He is the man with a golden hand. K.CContinue reading “Man with a Golden Hand – Maestro K.C.Janardhan”