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Dettol New Disinfectant Spray- an anti-virus value proposition recommended by Indian Medical Association

Dettol Spray
I was surprised to find that many don’t know who makes Dettol. The name of the company, I mean. Some even thought it was Hindustan Unilever. This also speaks about the magnitude of the brand Dettol , which is a household name when it comes to anti-germ and antiseptic platform. Dettol was voted as the third most trusted brand in an AC Nielsen ORG Marg survey. Reckitt Benckiser’s flagship brand Dettol, still contributes to almost 40% of the revenue for Reckitt Benckiser. Dettol is the leader in the antiseptic market with an 85% market share. Liquid hand wash created a new market and holds over 60% of the market in the category, while the various Dettol soaps account for 18% of the health soap division.
Coronavirus has created a climate of virus threat. This was the opportune time for the launch of Dettol New Disinfectant Spray which ‘kills 100 illness-causing germs including cold, flu and H1N1 virus’. Yes it ‘kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses’.
The product is targeted at mothers who are the guardians of the house. They are particularly targeting millennial moms who are more inclined to adopt newer methods of disinfecting homes. And why not when the new product is recommended by the Indian Medical Association.

Dettol range

CX in Sales Promotion

My dentist was very kind to me. He not only treated my ailment well, he also gave me two small tubes of Pepsodent-G to take care of my gums. This was my first experience with this brand of Unilever’s toothpaste. After consuming two sample tubes I went to my neighbouring Apollo Pharmacy, and to my surprise, found the same brand on display, at the counter,right in front of me. I knew it was merchandising.
To top it all the brand was offered to me as ‘buy one and get one free’. The MRP of one 140gm tube is Rs.98 and I got two tubes for the same price. I experienced customer’s delight.
The two tubes of Pepsodent-G in my possession are an outcome of Sales Promotion, a promotional mix activity with a change in price /value relationship as perceived by me. The giant FMCG company HUL must be generating immediate sales of Pepsodent-G and consolidating on it’s long-term brand value.

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Man with a Golden Hand – Maestro K.C.Janardhan

He was perhaps the only Indian citizen who has been permitted to write and fill his own passport. This happened because the passport authorities acknowledged his beautiful handwriting in italics on his application form. He also wrote his father’s death certificate and his daughter’s birth certificate. He is the man with a golden hand. K.C Janardhan has taught handwriting to the English and also teaches students in his museum located in the Fort in Bengaluru. Handwriting took him to places, ability to speak took him to teach and the ability to interact with people took him to different places of the world. Maestro Janardhan transformed his hobby to occupation to vocation and to a profession. Janardhan believes handwriting is like holding a ballerina dancer between the fingers and let the pen dance on the paper.
The mind is thinking, the heart is feeling and the hand actually translates into handwriting. Maestro K.C.Janardhan is passionately striving to preserve the art of handwriting in the youth and has been passionately teaching handwriting and offering Calligraphy services, in its true form, globally for the last 25 years. He also started the world’s first handwriting, calligraphy and writing instruments museum – J’s La Quill. I had the privilege of visiting his museum and was awestruck with his collection of pens. Inks, nibs, quills, and tools all showcased with an interesting theme.
I first met him at the Blockchain Summit where he spoke eloquently on the possible application of the emerging technology in the Indian electoral process. It was only later in our second meeting, that I was impressed by him as a calligraphy maestro and a man with a golden hand.

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Kumartuli in Bengaluru North

Toton Pal hails from a town called Katwa in West Bengal. He migrated to Bengaluru 22 years ago. The Pals in West Bengal are known for their skills in idol making. Last year he made 150 Ganesha idols and 30 Durga idols for the festivals in Bengaluru. His team has started making Ganesha idols in his workshop in Bangalore North. He is also booking orders for Durga idols. He charges Rs. 1 lakh for Durga idols. Today I visited his workshop and took a few pictures. Take a look.

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Natural and Desi Merchandising

Call it merchandising or point of purchase display, nothing can be more natural than the finger bananas display in the local fruit or vegetable shop. The bananas grow from the stem and each cluster is known as the ‘hand’. Each stem has six to nine ‘hands’. Each ‘hand’ has ten to twenty bananas called ‘fingers’. Each stem with its hands and fingers of bananas are the most natural point of purchase display, hung as I saw and clicked this morning.
Consumers buy what they see and also engage with the physical product. The physical positioning of the product also increases visibility. Products at eye level also get more attention. “Eye level is buy level”. Customers who enter the shop with a buying list of vegetables only land up buying finger bananas too.
American Marketing Association defines merchandising as marketing the right merchandise or service at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities and at the right price. The right quantity for most of the consumers is a ‘hand-full’.
Display of a stem of finger bananas from each hand is our natural desi example of merchandising.

Sing My Ride

After getting into his Auto Rickshaw, Abdul Azeem started his vehicle and began to sing to himself. He was really pleasant to my ears. I requested him to start singing from the beginning and took his permission to video graph his talent.He completed the Kishore Kumar hit and reached my destination. While paying him he shared that he had contested in #ZeeSaReGaMaPa. Alhumdillah