Parikrma Festival of Science

Shukla Bose

Parikrma Festival of Science (3-5 March) provided a collaborative and inclusive platform to 350 students from 35 schools to listen to eminent speakers on Climate Change such as Kim Gutschow, Ricky Kej, Bittu Sahgal, Ashish Kothari, Sanjay Vashist, Chandni Singh, Harini Nagendra, Chetna Puroshotham, Chitra Massey, Geetha Ramaswamy, Bijal Vaccharajani, Disket Angmo, and Edible Archives. Meanwhile, the students, in assorted teams, got into breakout rooms and worked together to present a Mock COP27 pledge. Shukla Bose Founder CEO at Parikrma Humanity Foundation said that the 8th Festival of Science was a sample of sustainability, with Synopsys India’s support from the very beginning. The concept behind the festival, she said, is to bring science outside the textbooks and classroom and to understand that science is not for exams but we need it for everyday life. Climate change is staring at our face and the problems are emerging and growing. 93% of the Indian population breathes polluted air. Children must be taken seriously, she added, that is why we have serious speakers talk to them in a child-friendly way.

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