Mindful Marketing Maestro Phil Kotler

Philip and Nancy Kotler

While listening to Prof. Philip Kotler last night, at the Bombay Management Association Masterclass, I found him to be a Mindful Marketing Maestro because of his concern for the society, planet and the bottom of the pyramid. Phil, as he is fondly called, considers Peter Drucker as the Grandfather of Marketing who said the aim of business is to create customers. Kotler further added that Drucker also said that the functions in a business are Innovation and Marketing and all the rest are costs. He also referred to other authors like Hans Rosling of Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’Re Wrong About The World – And Why Things Are Better Than You Think, Jerry Zaltman of ‘Unlocked’ which speaks of open mindedness and Fujifilm Chairman Shigetaka Komori with whom he co-authored the book ‘Never Stop – Winning Through Innovation’. While speaking to the Indian audience he also expressed his love and respect for India and the Indian Professors and Authors of Marketing in USA like Mohanbir Sawhney, Lakhsman Krishnamurthi and many others. He made a special mention of V.Kumar’s book ‘Intelligent Marketing: Employing New-Age Technologies‘. Christian Sarkar was mentioned more than once with whom Kotler has co-authored ‘Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action’ and co-founded The Marketing Journal. An amazing trivia is that the Marketing Guru Philip Kotler, now 90, married Nancy in 1955 and visited India for the first time the same year. I guess India was the destination for their honeymoon.

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