BiologicalE Cheapest Vaccine

Pharma veterans will know that Biological E Ltd used to be known as Biological Evans till 1995. Why Evans left the letter E is anybody’s guess. Yes, for Efficacy of its products. Hyderabad based Biological E is the oldest Indian private vaccine maker. It is now in the news with its ongoing Phase 3 clinical trials of Corbevax, the recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine. This was developed by Houston-based health sciences university Baylor College of Medicine. The university transferred the technology to Biological E for scaling up manufacturing and undertaking further development of the vaccine. Congratulations @Mahima Datla MD of BE. There is a hint that Corbevax will be the most affordable Covid-19 vaccine once launched, probably in August. The price will be Rs.200-250 per dose. These days the prices per dose of available vaccines, in private set-ups, range from Rs.850 to Rs.1100. Biological E also has deals to make vaccines for Johnson& Johnson and Canadian company Providence in India.

Published by BhaskarChak Bengaluru

Faculty of Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship. Pharma Marketing Veteran with International Experience. TEDx Speaker

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