AI / ML in Pharmaceuticals

Subroto Mukherjee , Head- Digital Innovation and Transformation at GSK New York, gave an insight into the benefits of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In the pandemic, the biggest use of AI/ML has been in reducing time in discovery, development to clinical trials and final FDA approvals. The speed and agility ofContinue reading “AI / ML in Pharmaceuticals”

IKEA-committed care for customers

Namaskara Bengaluru, we are now delivering to your city – is what IKEA announces when you visit their site. The cartoon is a take-off from their unique idea of ready-to-assemble furniture. More valuable than that is their commitment to care for their customers. They have announced product recall of plates, bowls and mugs due toContinue reading “IKEA-committed care for customers”

European Inventor Award 2021

Technological Innovation by Dr.Sumita Mitra has been rewarded with prestigious European Inventor Award 2021. Dr.Mitra used Nanotechnology to produce stronger and better looking dental fillings which doesn’t weaken on biting surfaces, nor does it lose its polish. These nanoclusters have been used in one billion dental restorations worldwide and is a commercial success. On aContinue reading “European Inventor Award 2021”

Empathy drives Innovation -Satya Nadella

Congratulations Satya Nadella on being elevated as Chairman and CEO of Microsoft. A product of Hyderabad Public School and B.Tech from Manipal Institute of Technology, you have done us Indians proud. Liked your quote “What’s the source of our Innovation? It comes from our ability as designers or product creators, our ability to meet theContinue reading “Empathy drives Innovation -Satya Nadella”

Entrepreneurship in Pharma 3D Printing

Dr.Shital Zambad’s entrepreneurial journey as MD Thincr Technologies, started after he worked as a Lecturer and then R&D Manager at Torrent Pharmaceuticals . He was passionate about 3D printing and developed Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D printers to discover new pharmaceutical formulations and drug-loaded filaments of various drugs. As an entrepreneur, during the early daysContinue reading “Entrepreneurship in Pharma 3D Printing”

Patient-centric Digital Entrepreneurship

My paper titled ‘Digital Business in Healthcare: Will It Survive or Succumb?’ published in Feb 2019 stands answered today. Digital Business in Healthcare has not only survived but shown astonishing growth. According to Frost & Sullivan the e_Pharmacy market in India is estimated to grow at an exponential CAGR of 63% and reach $3.6bn byContinue reading “Patient-centric Digital Entrepreneurship”

Tata Invests in Healthcare

In 2016 Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori realized that Health is a very important business in future for the country and the possibility that technology can bring to health is immense. They ideated the core value of making Health easy and created ‘Cult’ in delivering health through technology. Both were passionate about fitness and offeredContinue reading “Tata Invests in Healthcare”

BiologicalE Cheapest Vaccine

Pharma veterans will know that Biological E Ltd used to be known as Biological Evans till 1995. Why Evans left the letter E is anybody’s guess. Yes, for Efficacy of its products. Hyderabad based Biological E is the oldest Indian private vaccine maker. It is now in the news with its ongoing Phase 3 clinicalContinue reading “BiologicalE Cheapest Vaccine”