H2H Marketing is a Bangalore Model

The Complete H2H Marketing Model

“H2H Marketing Model” was formerly called “Bangalore Model,” as it has been developed by one of the co-authors Prof. Dr. Uwe Sponholz on the campus of Christ University in Bangalore, India. He is a visiting professor at Christ. The model integrates current concepts in the form of a new human-oriented mindset, improved marketing process, and advanced management approaches and provides a paradigm shift for all marketing thoughts. The H2H Marketing Model is a theoretical framework, which integrates the influencing factors of Design Thinking (DT), Service-Dominant Logic (S-DL), and Digitalization (D) into a new marketing thinking approach. Design Thinking has essentially led to understanding human centricity and thinking based on deep customer insights as a mindset and marketing as an iterative innovation process. The Service-Dominant Logic provides the theoretical foundation for human marketing by integrating many fragments and emphasizes the importance of co-creation of value in collaborative ecosystems. Digitalization has given the customer and the marketer new options and gives all participants of the marketing interaction and transaction new possibilities. Insofar digitalization serves within the H2H Marketing Model as enabler, not only as trend. The H2H Marketing Model integrates all three elements into presenting an option for a new mindset and marketing action. The three authors are Philip Kotler, Waldemar Pfoertsch and Uwe Sponholz. All Marketers in profession or academia must read this book H2H Marketing: The Genesis of Human-to-Human Marketing

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