You have given us galore Soumitrada, now rest in peace

Never felt so sad and forlorn before, with the passing away of an actor, as much as I did with Soumitra Chatterjee. I think I had connected and related well with him. His debut in Satyajit Ray’s Apur Sansar had touched both my heart and mind. His portrayal of Feluda was again a sensation and all his movies till recently, even at the age of 85, took me closer to him. I have seen him perform live reciting Tagore’s ‘Sesher Kobita’ and reading out his speech at the Ritwik Ghatak Memorial Lecture, and was awestruck on both occasions. Covid-19 took him to the hospital. He won the battle with Covid-19 but lost the war after 40 days against co-morbidities. I have been watching his interviews for the last three days and my admiration for him has become stronger. You have given us galore, now rest in peace, Soumitrada.

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9 thoughts on “You have given us galore Soumitrada, now rest in peace

  1. Lovely post, Bhaskarda. You are fortunate to have watched and heard him live on stage No artiste’s passing away has affected me personally as much as Soumitra babu’s. If not for the pandemic, he may well have continued to delight us further for some more years. His mastery over elocution and the depth of his creative writing, even if it wasn’t voluminous, will be missed for eternity.

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  2. Nice post Bhaskar da … Indeed we are feeling so sad after loosing our legendary “Feluda” ….Soumutra Chatterjee was (&shall remain too,) a complete icon , especially for Bengalis, because of his beautiful & handsome look, Voice and acting capabilities… you were so fortunate to watch him performing live…..
    May his soul rest in peace.🙏

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  3. Wonderful post Bhaskar sir. When I heard the news I was sad and felt that one of the star has fallen from the sky. I also saw him personally . He came to receive D. Litt degree from our Univ long back.

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