A memory of elephants

Elephants are known for their incredible memory. They never forget an elephant they have met before, no matter how long ago. They also remember the paths to sources of water and food. This power of recall is the key of their survival. The two collective nouns used for elephants are herd or memory. I preferContinue reading “A memory of elephants”

Digital Marketing | Second Edition by Seema Gupta

Marketing is dynamic. Digital Marketing is even more dynamic. Algorithms keep changing and Marketers need to keep abreast with the developments. If you have authored a text book on Digital Marketing in 2018, you need to publish an updated edition in 2020. This is exactly what Prof.Seema Gupta did with her book titled Digital MarketingContinue reading “Digital Marketing | Second Edition by Seema Gupta”

Rashtrapati who loved to take the role of a priest in his village Durga Puja

Durga Puja is an annual religious and cultural event where a Bengali takes up a role close to his or her heart. My mother used to cook the ‘bhog’ the community lunch, I used to take the stage to act in plays and everyone has a role in organizing the community event in our respectiveContinue reading “Rashtrapati who loved to take the role of a priest in his village Durga Puja”