Valour of Vaccine Volunteer -Deepak Paliwal

Deepak Paliwal is a true hero. He wanted to be part of the effort to fight Covid-19 and he did it. He was the Indian in London who volunteered for the Oxford Vaccine trial. These clinical trials have three phases. Both Phase I/II were tried on 1125 healthy humans who were screened and injected.

Deepak was selected as a volunteer in the Phase II trial and was given the first dose on 11th May. He was in the group who received a second dose a week later. On both the occasions there was pain in the arm where he received the intramuscular vaccination. This was accompanied by a slight temperature.

That’s it and now he is in the pink of health, as always. The Phase III trials are underway in different countries like Italy, Brazil, South Africa and others. This time 10000 healthy bodies like Deepak will be inoculated. The outcome so far is promising in terms of safety and antibody development in the volunteers.

Just gathered from some of Deepak’s ex-colleagues in Ranbaxy, Piramal (now Abbotts) and AstraZenexa that he was a ‘daring’ person and a prankster. Well, these are the kind of people who stand up for a humanitarian cause. Congratulations Deepak Paliwal.

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