Measuring Oxygen Saturation at Home is a Sensible Idea

It is a sensible idea to keep a Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter at home. It has the potential to diagnose and monitor Covid symptoms. The pulse oximeter is a simple device which has to be clipped onto the finger . When switched on it measures the pulse or the rate of heart beat and the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. The device by shining a light through the skin detects the colour of the blood and determines the oxygen saturation. If the reading is 95% , it means that 5% of red blood cells lack oxygen. Normal healthy person will have 95-100%. If the reading is less than 95% the doctor needs to be consulted who will advise how to get the extra oxygen needed. It has often been reported that hypoxia (lack of oxygen) occurs before the patient feels shortness of breath. Thus oxygen level monitoring with Oxy-Med Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter at home can help to save precious time.

Published by BhaskarChak Bengaluru

Faculty of Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship. Pharma Marketing Veteran with International Experience. TEDx Speaker

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