Metamorphosis-Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.

I had forgotten the stages of metamorphosis which I had learnt in school. I relearnt that the caterpillar is the larva which metamorphoses into a pupa. The chrysalis sheds the pupal shell and emerges into a beautiful butterfly. It doesn’t or rather can’t fly immediately. It does fly away before you return to see the empty pupal cast which it has shed. These pictures that I took in sequence has been part of my experience to understand metamorphosis. We have also undergone metamorphosis during these lockdown months. Men wear masks which cover the unshaven face. We carry alcohol with us in the form of 70% isopropyl and measure the distance that we keep from other people. In order to live with Covid-19 we have to become someone else.

Published by BhaskarChak Bengaluru

Faculty of Marketing and Digital Entrepreneurship. Pharma Marketing Veteran with International Experience. TEDx Speaker

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