Dettol New Disinfectant Spray- an anti-virus value proposition recommended by Indian Medical Association

Dettol Spray
I was surprised to find that many don’t know who makes Dettol. The name of the company, I mean. Some even thought it was Hindustan Unilever. This also speaks about the magnitude of the brand Dettol , which is a household name when it comes to anti-germ and antiseptic platform. Dettol was voted as the third most trusted brand in an AC Nielsen ORG Marg survey. Reckitt Benckiser’s flagship brand Dettol, still contributes to almost 40% of the revenue for Reckitt Benckiser. Dettol is the leader in the antiseptic market with an 85% market share. Liquid hand wash created a new market and holds over 60% of the market in the category, while the various Dettol soaps account for 18% of the health soap division.
Coronavirus has created a climate of virus threat. This was the opportune time for the launch of Dettol New Disinfectant Spray which ‘kills 100 illness-causing germs including cold, flu and H1N1 virus’. Yes it ‘kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses’.
The product is targeted at mothers who are the guardians of the house. They are particularly targeting millennial moms who are more inclined to adopt newer methods of disinfecting homes. And why not when the new product is recommended by the Indian Medical Association.

Dettol range

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