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Learning Content Marketing from Rahel


She has a unique title – Chief Knowledge Officer, at Scroll UK. Rahel Anne Bailie is one of the top Content Strategists in the world. I express my gratitude to Lutfi Self Development Centre for bringing Rahel to us in Khartoum for a one day workshop as part of the series of Digital Marketing program. She told us about Content Marketing. She showed us how one can get better brand engagement through Digital Channels. Without Content there is no strategy and without a content strategy there is no Digital Strategy. We need to know how to acquire, manage, configure and publish the content so as to reach the right person at the right time during the customer journey. Content Marketing must educate, inform, find the niche, clarify, differentiate, solve problems, answer questions, provide data, entertain, tell a story, show the future and give to the customer. We knew what a Product Life-cycle and Customer Life-cycle was but we now need to understand Content Life-cycle. Business has gone omnichannel. A TV advert leads to a tablet site. A tablet site prompts profile creation with promo. Profile leads to store with coupon on mobile. Store leads to product purchase. Product package leads to social sharing and registration. Registration leads to emails and SMS with more promos. Loyalty is shared via social and personalized appeals. All these sum up to Customer Experience. When I visited the channels of Content Marketing Institute I learnt that the story of Content is the rise of the New Marketing. Thanks to Rahel for sharing her knowledge on Content Marketing.

Medical Innovation Symposium in Khartoum

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It is heartening to know that Sudan’s next generation is thinking and acting in terms of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Startups. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community has organized the Global Entrepreneurship Week 14-20 November to ‘Unleash the Potential’ of the youth in various professional fields. The sessions have covered a range of sectors from the future of Agro challenge to Medical Innovation. They have also given interesting names to the sessions like ‘Get in the Ring- Sudan’; ‘Startup Weekend Khartoum’; ‘Startup Grind Khartoum’ and ‘Women Entrepreneurship Day’. I attended the Medical Innovation Day on 16th November. I was astounded to see the excellent auditorium of the Ministry of Higher Education, the venue for this symposium. I was even more pleased to meet the young members of the Sudanese Medical Innovation Community with Dr.Anman Homeida and Dr.Enas Saifeldin AlWali as the organizers.
Dr. Amjad Mohammed Idries, an experienced public health professional, said that 40% of the people in Sudan do not have access to primary healthcare. There are opportunities to reach this segment through mobiles and technology to educate them how to get personal and primary healthcare. People in Sudan like to talk, love to help and volunteer. Medicos can be innovative and entrepreneurial to reach out to this segment. Dr.Mazin M.Khalil Founder & CEO of SubaMed said that Innovation is simply reducing time and cost and increasing efficiency. He added that Medical Innovation would need the support of the Government, better infrastructure, connectivity and awareness. He added that there is scope for being innovative to create mega data systems of patients in particular and public in general. He said that there is a lot of scope for patient education on healthcare and gave the example of posters and videos for patients waiting in the clinic. Mohamed Hamza gave his valuable inputs as an entrepreneur in the field of Market Research and Consultancy in Consulsat the company he founded. Dr.Anwar Dafa-Alla who is a PhD in Computer Science from South Korea and who has organized many youth forums for unleashing their intellectual potential, spoke in simple terms how IT can innovate medical education, diagnosis and treatment. The Doctors who have initiated ‘Telemedicine’ in Sudan were introduced to the audience.
Dr.Torki Farahat, Founder of SAY Academy, conducted an interactive session about what is healthcare and analysed the benefits of different healthcare systems and commended on a system which the Ministry of Health also had the responsibility of Medical Education. There was another panel in which we had Dr.Anwar Dafa Alla, Dr.Abderrahman Mohamed who is a health insurance professional and Dr. Mohammed Ezeldin Abdelrahman, Dean, Faculty of Computer Science& Information Technology at UMST University.
This panel discussion ignited the young minds in the audience with simple ideas of medical innovation and entrepreneurship. They spoke of various avenues for IT support in the medical field such as Apps in smart phones or plug-ins for the laptop. The take home message was that medical innovation should start with empowering the patient with awareness and information for better healthcare.

Sham – E- Hind, Indian Cultural Evening in Khartoum

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More than 400 people witnessed the Indian Cultural evening held at the premise of the Old Embassy of India on 11th November. The event aptly named Sham – E – Hind was an evening well spent with Indian song and dance program from almost all regions of India. Ambassadors with the First Ladies of U.K., Pakistan, Malaysia and South Korea were present along with many other dignitaries including Mrs. Norma Kfouri, Chairperson of International Volunteers Welfare Group (IVWG). This event was organized and hosted by Indian Ladies Club of Khartoum of which the Indian First Lady Asha Lugun is the President. It was a very well organized program showcasing talent of the Indian community in Khartoum. Delicious Indian food and number of lucky draws with immediate prizes were an additional attraction. Take a glimpse with these photographs.

Indians in Sudan Celebrate National Unity Day

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National Unity Day was introduced by the Government of India and inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. The objective is to pay tribute to one of the founding leaders of the Republic of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel known as the Iron Man of India. As the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of Independent India, Vallabhbhai Patel is credited for the integration of over 550 princely states into India and for consolidating and modernizing the administrative service. Sardar Patel shaped the narrative of a modern, strong and self-reliant India.
National Unity Day is celebrated by the people of India, organizing variety of events. Embassy of India in Khartoum invited friends of India and the Indian community to celebrate the 141st Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on Saturday, 5th November at the Indian Community School in Omdurman. The celebrations involved school children to participate in essay competition, dressing up as freedom fighters and leaders of India, speeches and patriotic songs. Ambassador of India H.E. Amrit Lugun opened a photo exhibition on Sardar Patel, paid floral tributes and gave away prizes to the winners of the essay competition. There was also a screening of a short film on the great leader. Ambassador spoke to the large gathering talking about India’s history of freedom movement and Patel’s contribution to nation building in myriad ways.