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A Benevolent and Humane Physician

abasharDr. Abbasar Hussein Mohamed is a Neuro Physician with more than 50 published studies encompassing epilepsy, cerebrovascular accidents, AIDS and Neurological complications in Diabetes. He has supervised more than 60 postgraduates for their MD thesis / dissertations. He was Head of Neurology at ElShaab Teaching hospital. He runs a very busy clinic at Arbayin street in Omdurman, but what is most noteworthy about Dr. Abbashar is that he is a very benevolent and humane person. He runs a charitable clinic on Fridays with free treatment for hundreds of needy patients. He has also helped many students by paying for their tuition fees and has helped many people in general. We are proud of him and wish Dr.Abbasar Hussein Mohamed all the very best for his philanthropic work.

First 1 to talk about Impurity Free Sugar

sugar1Sugar not fat is the real heart disease killer. WHO recommends that adults should keep their intake of sugar to no more than 25 grams (6 teaspoons) daily. Sugar is no more a commodity. It is promoted as a brand. Promoting branded sugar with a health message, especially in Sudan which has high consumption of sugar, is innovative positioning. It was ‘First One’ to do it, by communicating the health benefits of its sugar because of its packaging technology. It reads ‘Packed by best technology to best grade impurity free Sugar kernels which have high source of Carbohydrate. It is important to promote your family’s health and well being’.
It simply means its refined sugar. There are other brands of refined sugar in Sudan, but may not have spoken of impurity free as the First 1.sugar2

Indian Diaspora Celebrates Gandhi’s Birthday in Omdurman.


Mahatma Gandhi had left India but the call of the nation brought him back. He had lived in South Africa for 21 years and when he returned he became the leader of the Indian Nationalist Movement which finally got India its independence from the British. The Father of the Nation, as he is known, was earlier a member of the Indian diaspora. Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2nd October, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Indian diaspora should be looked at, not just in terms of numbers, but also in terms of strength. He said that the strength of Indian diaspora can convert ‘brain drain’ to ‘brain gain’. PM Modi added that when the world is keen to engage with India, the Indian diaspora can help to overcome the obstacle of the ‘fear of the unknown’. PM Modi inaugurated a centre for the Indian diaspora in New Delhi named ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra’.
Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday was celebrated by the students of Omdurman Indian School which was organized by the Embassy of India, Teachers of the school and members of the Indian community. The students participated in Essay and Drawing competitions and three students spoke on Mahatma Gandhi. There was uninterrupted live telecast of Prime Minister Modi’s speech on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s (the Great Soul) birthday also observed as International Day of Non-Violence by United Nations.