Darfurian Almusawy

He lives in a place called Yarmukh in the outskirts of South Khartoum and goes to work in North Khartoum. He changes four buses and takes two hours one way to reach his place of work. I used to call him Mohamed Musa but when I checked his Facebook I found that he spelt it Mohamed Almusawy.
Mohamed hails from Zalingei, capital of Central Darfur. His father Musa Yahiya was from Nyala, capital of South Darfur and his mother Mariam Mohamed Juma is from Zalingei. His father passed away in the Morni IDP camp during the war because of Cholera. He brought his mother to Khartoum. He lives in Yarmukh with his mother and brother’s family. He recalls that Yarmukh is the area where there was an explosion at the Yarmouk munitions factory. It is reported that the explosion was caused by an airstrike by four Israeli aircrafts and that unexploded Israeli rockets were found.
When I asked him about Darfur he remembered the Marrah Mountains which are volcanoes and the beautiful Deriba Crater. There has been no eruptions in these volcanoes since 1500 BC but Mohamed smiles to say that Darfur has had its recent share of eruptions of another kind. Mohamed Musa will go to Darfur to get married because a wedding ceremony is much cheaper in Darfur than Khartoum.

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