Desi John- World’s No.1 Selling Shaving Cream?

For men shaving is a daily morning chore. I sometimes take a day off. Some say it is good for your eyes. Talking of shaving creams I remember the advertisement in which Kapil Dev used to smile and say ‘Palmolive da jabab nai’. I kept switching from Palmolive to Nivea to Old Spice. In Sudan I started using Gillette shaving cream. But since nothing is consistent in countries which are import dependent, I had to switch to Nivea at times. But this time when my tube of Nivea shaving cream refused to yield any more content, I had to buy a new shaving cream- VI–JOHN.Nothing else was available and I had to break my brand loyalty.
At first I thought the name was Six John reading VI as Roman numerical. After doing some search and research I found that VI-JOHN is our ‘Desi’ product manufactured by Maja Health Care Division in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. I want to know how many of my friends in India are using this brand. The Brand Ambassador is none other than Shahrukh Khan who says ‘VI-John Shave, Ek dum Safe’. One interesting feature in the pack is one can scan and see Shahrukh Khan’s latest video. It also reads ‘Redeem Coupon on flap inside – freejeeto get a chance to win Rs 50000. All this while shaving in Sudan? Impossible. Nothing to complain about its smooth shave though.

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