The First Indo-Sudanese Film –Sudawood Production’s ‘The Dream’

The Dream3

The Dream4

It is reported that more than 30000 Sudanese have studied in Indian Universities. At any given point of time there are more than 3000 Sudanese students studying in different Universities in India. Many of them have fallen in love with Indian girls. Some of them have married and brought their Indian wives to Sudan. A few of them have had their dreams unfulfilled.
Hamza Khalifa the young Sudanese film director chose a storyboard for his film ’The Dream’ in which a Sudanese student Hassan ( played by Hassan Effat) falls in love with his class friend Priya (acted by Priya Sahoo). After graduation, when Hassan proposes to Priya for marriage, her parents strongly object. Lady luck favours Hassan, who as a Good Samaritan, picks up Priya’s father from a roadside accident. This turns the table in Hassan’s favour. Hassan and Priya get married.
Galal Hamid, a Sudanese, who is Overseas Manager at MIOT hospital, Chennai is married to an Indian in real life. Galal got to know about Hamza’s film project and agreed to finance it under the banner of Sudawood Productions. The film is made on a shoe string budget but everything about the film is positive. The unknown cast in the film have acted in a very natural and authentic manner. The techniques adopted by Hamza is promising. The songs selected, both Hindi and Sudanese, sync in well with the movie. The wedding scene is a treat to watch with both the Sudanese and Indian rituals along with the ululation.
This first Indo-Sudanese joint venture in making a film, at a very personal level, needs to be encouraged for the initiative and enthusiasm. My question to Hamza Khalifa, the film maker- will the character in the film Hassan bring Priya to Sudan? I know of many Indian women who married Sudanese men and migrated to Sudan. Hamza can think of a sequel to his first film about Hassan and Priya’s life in SudanThe Dreams3The Dream1GalalHamzaDream

3 thoughts on “The First Indo-Sudanese Film –Sudawood Production’s ‘The Dream’

  1. I am an India my name is vidhya and I feeling so so proud and feeling very very very happy with my sudanese husband AliMahdi …..I can’t imagine a life without my dear not only he … His family members are such a lovable and kind people my mother in law is really my mother no way religion comes in … is pure pure love and trust ….I read some comments which it hurts…according to my view a true love never expects anything from both side if u expect something than love there comes problem.


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