Golden Jubilee of Sudan Association of Physicians

In the year 1966, legendary Physicians of Sudan Dr. Abdel Halim Mohamed, Dr. Daoud Mustafa, Dr. Mohydeen Mahdy, Dr. Abdel Razak AlMubarak, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abubakr, Dr. Abdel Monem Wasfi and Dr. Mohamed Hassan Gabir formed the Sudan Association of Physicians (SAP). The purpose of the association was to bring the Physicians together both socially and professionally. This association is now 50 years old and the Golden Jubilee was celebrated at the
29th Conference of SAP during 26-29 February’16 at Friendship Hall, Khartoum. In these 50 years there have been 24 Presidents elected in SAP and the present President Dr.Nawal A.Y.Elkurdofani is the first lady head of SAP. At the opening of the conference she mentioned that the theme was ‘Screening and Prevention towards Better Health’. Her vision is to hit on this often overlooked or by-passed important area of medicine. At the inauguration all the past Presidents of SAP, ten of them, were felicitated.
The immediate previous SAP President Prof. Siddig Ibrahim Khalil presented ‘Medicines and Physicians of the Sudan during 20th Century’. In his presentation Prof. Siddig shared from the archives that the first physician was Dr. J .B. Christopherson and Dr. Hassan Zaki (1902), spoke of the smallpox epidemic in 2003 and later the main diseases were malaria and dysentery. The medicines available were tincture belladonna and carbolic acid. The first graduates in medicines in Khartoum were in 1928, the year Fleming discovered Penicillin, but the drug was available only in 1942.
The visiting doctor who stole the limelight at the conference was Prof. Parveen Kumar, famous co-author of Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, now in its eighth edition. She has held many posts in medicine and medical education, including chairing the Medicines Commission UK and serving as president of the British Medical Association in 2006 and of the Royal Society of Medicine in 2010-12. Many doctors in Sudan were of the impression that Parveen Kumar was a man and were surprised to find that she was an elegant lady of Indian origin. Prof. Kumar spoke on ‘Diagnosis and management of coeliac diseases’; ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ and ‘Career in Medical Education’.
There were many other speakers both from abroad and Sudan who spoke on various subjects like Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Diabetology, Chest diseases, tropical medicine, infectious diseases, Rheumatology, Emergency medicine, Intensive Care, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Medical Education. There were more than 500 doctors both juniors and consultants who attended the 4 days conference.
There was a corner where about ten 5th year medical students made interesting poster presentations of their own research which had many revelations. The writer thought these bright future doctors should have been given more prominence.
First picture shows the inauguration L to R : Prof. Ahmed Makeen –President Elect SAP; Dr. Abdalla Abdel Karim – Vice President Sudan Doctors Union; Dr. Somia Idris Osman- Federal Ministry of Health; Dr.Galal Dignar Presidential Assistant; Prof. Mamoun Homeida- Khartoum State Minister of Health; Dr. Nawal Kordofani-President SAP and Prof.Hamad El-Turabi-Scientific Committee Chairman-SAP.
The second picture is of Prof. Parveen Kumar co-editor of Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine.

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