India’s Contribution to Liver Transplant Surgery in Sudan

Dr.Abderrahim Dabora studied medicine at University of Gezira. He then completed his MD in Surgery from the Sudan Medicine Specialization Board and worked for more than four years in Soba Hospital. During this time he met Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela in Khartoum. Prof. Rela is the Head and Chief Surgeon of Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Surgery at Global Hospitals, Chennai, India. Dr. Dabora expressed his earnest desire to train under Prof.Rela and start liver transplant surgery in Sudan. Prof.Rela saw the sincerity and passion in the eyes of Dr.Dabora and welcomed him to his hospital in India. Dr.Dabora was under Prof.Rela’s training for liver transplant surgery for two years four months and is today back in Sudan. In fact, Prof.Rela took up the Sudan National Liver Transplant program as his personal mission and has also trained a Pathologist and five nurses from Sudan in his hospital in India. At the recently concluded 5th Sudanese Gastroenterology Conference in Khartoum a team from Global Hospital, Chennai, India conducted a workshop on Liver Transplantation. The team comprised Dr.Mettu Srinivas Reddy, Senior Consultant; Dr. Naresh P.Shanmugam Consultant Paediatric Liver Transplant Physician and Dr.Dabora. When asked, Dr.Dabora said that he was very happy in India because of the friendly people and their hospitality. He has picked up Tamil, the regional language in Chennai, and enjoyed the local food mainly Idli and Dosa.Dabora

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