2nd Asian Festival in Khartoum


This was the second year that Asia, the world’s largest and most populous continent had a festival in Khartoum. The festival showcased cultural performances, handicrafts, food stalls and had ‘lucky draws’. It was co-hosted by the Embassies of the Asian countries in Khartoum namely China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan and Russia. The food and handicraft bazaar along with the cultural shows was held on Friday, 28th November’15 from 5pm till 10pm at Lebdah Hall, Corinthia Hotel. More than 2000 visitors turned up from both Sudanese and Asian families. The festival was inaugurated by the Federal Minister of Culture Mr. Al-Tayeb Hassan Badawi who spoke of the friendly relations between Sudan and Asian countries. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Abd Elghani Elnaim Awad Elkarim said that the location of the festival was near the confluence of Blue and White Nile, symbolic of the Asian countries getting together at this festival and that too on a Friday being a holiday was very convenient for visitors. Ambassador Abd Elghani also mentioned about the significance of Bandung conference in Indonesia before the Independence of Sudan in 1955 where Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru wrote Sudan on his white handkerchief and offered it as a flag for the nation. Ambassador Abd Ghani also spoke about Sudan’s solidarity with Asian countries since the President of Sudan recently visited China and India. The dances, martial arts and musical performances of the Asian countries kept the audience entertained. Ambassador of Korea H.E. Park Won Sup is the present Dean of the Asian Diplomatic Corp in Sudan. Korea presented martial art Taekwondo performed skilfully by a Sudanese team.

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