Moringa Mafi


‘Spearmint fi, Cinnamon fi, Hibiscus fi, Hargal fi, Fenugreek fi, Green tea fi, Anise fi, laakin Moringa mafi’. This is what I have been hearing since the last three months in all Hypermarkets and Supermarkets in Khartoum. All variants or ingredients of ‘tea bags’ are available except Moringa. My evening tea is Moringa and after reading about the health benefits of it, I am inclined to make it even my morning cuppa , but where is Moringa? I saw the customer service number on the pack of Moringa manufactured by Elnasr for Food Industries in Sudan. Much to my surprise someone did respond from Customer Service. His name was Mubarak. He spoke in English and apologized for the non-availability of Moringa. He went further to tell me that supplies of Moringa was not coming from India. He said most of the raw material were imported from India. Learning that I was from India, Mubarak spoke of friendly bilateral relations between the two countries. Moringa is derived from Murungai/muringa the Tamil/Malayalam word for drumsticks. Moringa is an antioxidant and helps to protect cells from damage and is useful in many health disorders.

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