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Poetry and Lamb Biryani


‘I have seen flowers come in stony places

And kind things done by men with ugly faces,

And the gold cup won by the worst horse at the races,

So I trust, too’. Well as you may have guessed this is An Epilogue by John Mansfield.

Where can you read this from the book Winning Words- Inspiring Poems for Everyday Life while enjoying delicious Lamb Biryani in an air conditioned restaurant in Khartoum?

It has to be Ozone. Books, magazines, continental food, soup, salads and ice cream.books

IBM in Sudan


We have heard that Exxon, Citibank and some other American companies did have their offices and establishments in Sudan. Well that must have been before the US sanctions were imposed in Sudan since 1997. However we do have a few American products available in the market. I can vouch for the medicines and other healthcare products which are available from American multinational companies. There runs a joke in Sudan particularly among the Expatriate communities which says that IBM the American International Business Machines Corporation will never open shop in Sudan. This is because IBM also stands for InshAllah, Bukra and Malish (IBM) which are perhaps the reasons why business may take a back seat in Sudan. This is certainly a myth because if one notices the monitors at the cash counters in Afra Mall in Khartoum one will notice the IBM logo, as captured in this photo. Eid Mubarak.