International Day of Yoga in Sudan


During his first address to the UN General Assembly in September last year, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had proposed the International Yoga Day. Later in December, United Nations declared June 21 as International Day of Yoga, with 177 countries voting in favour of the resolution.

21st June was chosen being the longest day of the year when the Earth is nearest in distance from the Sun and is also considered Birthday of Yoga. International Day of Yoga was observed on 21st June’15 in 192 countries where millions of Yoga enthusiasts performed the camel, cobra and other postures as part of the 35 minute collective exercise programme. In New Delhi, the event of International Day of Yoga was awarded two records by the Guinness Book of World Records. Firstly with the most number of individuals, 35985 people, performing yoga at a single venue and secondly with participants belonging to 84 nationalities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi a yoga practitioner, led from the front and demonstrated the postures to the students around him. He believes that 21st of June, the International Day of Yoga, is not just the beginning of a day but the beginning of a new age through which we will achieve greater heights of peace, goodwill and train the human spirit.

International Day of Yoga was also organized in Sudan by the Embassy of India. It was held at Omdurman Indian Club, Omdurman at 7:30 in the morning on 21st June’15. The event started with the Prime Minister’s video message followed by Ambassador H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma’s welcome remarks. All 21 postures as per the guidelines of the event were collectively practiced by the gathering of almost 200 people. A few Sudanese friends of India also participated in the event. All the local Indian Associations namely Omdurman Indian Community, Sudan-India Friendship Association, India-Sudan Friendship Society and Kerala Cultural Activity Centre were actively involved in the celebrations and extended their whole hearted support for the event. The participants included members of Indian Community, Indian Public Sector Units based in Khartoum and members of the Indian Embassy along with their families. It is also reported that BHEL, India’s Public Sector Unit at Kosti also participated in the Yoga day.
Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Verma expressed his thanks to all the participants and the friendly countries for their overwhelming support in making International Day for Yoga a global event. He wished that all countries may coexist and keep progressing with peace and harmony which was the purpose of the day. He also expressed his views about Yoga and stressed that four ‘beings’ are very important namely physical, mental, psychological and spiritual. Yoga attempts to unify these four and bring harmony and peace.


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