What’s in a name- Baskar, Bhaskar or Bhaskor ?


My dear friends in Sudan, I am posting this picture of your favourite actor Amitabh Bachchan. I know it is difficult to recognize him but he is into the skin of his character. This scene is from his recent film ‘Piku’ where he puts in effort to act his own age of 70. (He actually is 73). He plays the role of a retired father from my ‘tribe’ with the same name as you pronounce Baskar (although I always insist on the ‘h’ which you prefer to keep it silent since there is no ‘Bh’ in Arabic). But the director of the movie Piku further complicates the name with an ‘o’ as ‘Bhaskor’. But in the early years of his career Amitabh Bachchan played a character with the same name in ‘Anand’ circa1971 but there it was Bhaskar not Bhaskor. Interestingly in both Piku and Anand, Big B’s reel name was Bhaskar Banerjee. Seems to be a popular name for Bengali film makers. P.S. I notice that of late because of the Piku effect some Indian friends are referring to me as Bhaskor to whom I would like to remind that I don’t suffer from ’Constipation’.

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