Nile waters bring you back to Sudan


‘If you have drunk of the Nile’s sweet waters, you will come back to Sudan’ goes the saying. I have seen it happening to many people I know from the Indian expatriate community. Perhaps it has to do with the attachment to the peaceful life style and the nice people of Sudan. Some would say it has to do with destiny. We recently heard that Mr. Michael Aron has been appointed as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Sudan. H.E. Aron is returning after 30 years. He taught English in Ed Damar Secondary school for two years between 1981 and 1983, before he joined Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Ed Damar is 270 kilometers North-East of Khartoum and is the capital of River Nile state. As he said he has fond memories of the charm, hospitality and generosity of the Sudanese people he met and worked with in Ed Damar. People expect his past experience in Sudan to help him to overcome the challenges the UK faces with Sudan. The UK is part of the Troika and EU who have not found the environment conducive to the current Presidential elections being held in Sudan.

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