Sole Indian at Al Obeid, Sudan


Ten years back when I met Moneib Haider in Khartoum he was a graphic designer at a printing press. He was a young man who had travelled from Kerala to Khartoum. At the Onam festival in Khartoum he had performed the ‘Fire Dance’. That was when I knew he had fire in his belly. He wanted to be successful in life and start his own business and be his own boss. Four years back he called me to say that he has moved to a city called Al Obeid, 600 kms from Khartoum and opened his own shop for stationery items and gifts. Last week I happened to visit this city which is also known as ‘Bride of the Sands’. I was very happy and impressed to meet Moneib. He is the pride of the city because his reasonably big size shop in the heart of the city has become popular for the quality and uniqueness of stationery and gift items that he sells. Moneib Haider is the only Indian resident in Al Obeid living all by himself and running his own business. Moneib is an entrepreneur and I wish him all the very best.


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