Sales Promotion Often Confuses Consumers


As Philip Kotler says ‘Sales Promotion’ comprises a wide variety of tactical promotional tools of short-term incentive nature designed to stimulate earlier and / or stronger market response. These tools may be consumer promotion, trade promotion, and sales-force promotion. Sales promotion are of two distinctive qualities: a) Insistent presence – which are attention getting, sometimes urgent, quality that can break through habits of buyer inertia towards a particular product. b) Product demeaning – some tools suggest that the seller is anxious for the sale. If they are used to frequently or carelessly they may lead buyers to wonder whether the brand is desirable or reasonably priced.

Well, here is case study of edible oil. I switched over from corn oil to sunflower oil to take care of my heart and cholesterol. Thus started buying the larger pack (1 litres or 1.8 litres) of sunflower oil for the family. One fine morning I found the 2 lts pack of corn oil being sold with a free small pack of sunflower oil. This has kept me wondering  whether this Sales Promotion is intended to initiate the habit of sunflower oil or to get rid of its smaller pack or to attract consumers to switch over to corn oil after consuming the small pack of sunflower oil. Surprisingly the big pack of sunflower oil is also available stand alone. There certainly is no proper plan and communication on this Sales Promotion which leaves consumers confused.


1 thought on “Sales Promotion Often Confuses Consumers

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