A Milestone for Gastroenterology in Sudan


Former President of World Gastroenterology Organization Prof. Eamonn M. Quigley flew down from Houston, Texas to endorse the Khartoum Training Centre at Mohamed Salih Idris Emergency GIT Bleeding Centre at Ibn Sina hospital in Khartoum on 10th Jan’15. This training centre is the pride of Sudan because it is the first centre in Africa for excellent training in gastrointestinal endoscopy, surgery and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders which often when left untreated lead to cancer. Moreover one of the goals of this WGO Khartoum Training Centre is to initiate liver transplant surgery in Sudan within a year or two.

This centre is a collaboration between private sponsors like Mohamed Salih Idris and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Sudan and foreign contributors like the Japanese Government and Swedish Government. Among the foreign dignitaries present at the opening of the centre were Ambassador of Japan Hideki Ito, Professor of Surgery from Stockholm, Sweden Prof. Ake Aandren-Sanberg, Prof Ibrahim Mustafa, Liver Transplant Surgeon from Cairo and Prof.Quigley from USA. Other dignitaries present at the opening of the centre were Dr.Isameldin Mohammed Abdalla Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Prof. Mamoun Homeida Khartoum State Minister of Health, Prof.Suleiman Salih Fedail , recipient of Masters of World Gastroenterology Organization and who put the name of Sudan in the world map of Gastroenterology and the benevolent businessman Mohamed Salih Idris. Everyone Congratulated Dr. Abdelmounem Eltayeb Abdo for his tireless efforts in setting up the standard of the training centre which today is endorsed as World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) Khartoum Training Centre.


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