Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Day in Khartoum


“We the General Secretariat of Council of Ministers appreciating your honesty for the opportunity to gain knowledge and advice on various sciences to our employees for grant program of 2013-14 and this shows the sincerity and durability of the relationship between Sudan and India Government and people”- Dr. Omer Mohamed Salih – Secretary of the Cabinet. This is what was inscribed in a beautiful crystal plaque as ‘Acknowledgement’ and awarded to the Ambassador of India to Sudan H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma by Ibrahim Ahmed Adam on behalf of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs. This was on the evening of 29th December at Indian Ambassador’s residence where more than 200 people gathered to celebrate Golden Jubilee of ITEC. Most of the invitees were Sudanese nationals who have participated in the ITEC programme.

Every year, approximately 250 short-term courses, up to one year, are offered to the Sudanese nationals, resident in Sudan helping them in upgrading their skills and knowledge. The ITEC programme is fully funded by the Government of India and has six components 1) Training (civilian and defence) in India of nominees from ITEC partner countries 2) Projects and project related activities such as feasibility studies and consultancy services 3) Deputation of Indian experts abroad 4) Study Tours 5) Gifting/Donation of equipment and 6) Aid for Disaster Relief.

Ambassador Adil Ibrahim Mustafa, Director of Asian Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke on the occasion and rated India as one of the highest contributors to Sudan in the oil sector, electricity generation, capacity building and human resources development.

Ambassador Verma appreciated the overwhelming utilization of ITEC scholarships by Sudanese nationals. He also spoke of the various ongoing capacity building projects in Sudan like the Center for English Language Training in Khartoum and Vocational Training Centre at Ad Damar. While congratulating the ITEC participants he urged them to network with each other both in person and through social media. He also asked them to keep visiting the website of the Embassy of India regularly for announcements on capacity building in Sudan and in India. “Sudan should take advantage of the opportunities in India especially in education, health, trade and investment sectors” said the Indian Ambassador S.K.Verma


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