Dr. Sujoy’s Spirit of Giving Without The Thought of Getting


It was such a kind gesture of Dr.Sujoy Bhattacharjee to have offered free consultation, for four consecutive days, to more than 300 patients in Khartoum. This is how the International Orthopedic Surgeon from India spent his Christmas in Sudan.

Dr.Sujoy went to South Pont School in Kolkata, graduated in Medicine from Silchar Medical College, and did his Master’s in Surgery from Gwalior Medical College and then specialized in Joint Replacement Surgery in Ohio, USA; Germany and Australia. Presently he is attached to a couple of hospitals in New Delhi and Erbil, Iraq.

In these four days from 24th to 27th December he examined more than 300 patients from 9am to 5pm without any break. The patients ranged from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. Disorders ranged from fracture related overlapping bones to knees needing replacement.

Among these patients was Khalid Eiman, 3 years, who had Congenital Talipes Equino Varvs (CTEV) a congenital deformity of the foot when the child walks on the outer side of the soul and toes also known as Cub feet. Dr.Sujoy had operated on Khalid in India and wanted to remove the JESS fixation in Khartoum. It will not be out of place to mention that JESS technique (Joshi External Stabilising System -JESS) is a pride of India invented by the visionary hand surgeon Dr.B.B.Joshi. His generosity is exemplified by the fact that he chose not to patent the JESS fixator, so that it could be made available to a larger section of the medical fraternity and it can be kept affordable for the masses.

I noticed that whenever the child Khalid saw Dr.Sujoy he started to cry. Dr.Sujoy insisted on general anaesthesia to remove the fixator, but due to unknown reasons the Anesthetist did not turn up which left the mother in tears because Khalid’s fixator could not be removed. Dr.Sujoy left for India the same night.

I had the pleasure of showing Dr.Sujoy the confluence of the two Niles – Blue and White.


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