ISRO -an efficient team


Hats off to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Few amazing points about ISRO. It is not an Elitist organization. Most of the scientists and engineers in ISRO are from small towns and regional engineering colleges. The working culture is very transparent, friendly and efficient. A young scientist can question his boss based on his knowledge. The leadership from the times of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Prof.M.G.K.Menon, Prof.Satish Dhavan, Prof.U.R.Rao, Dr. K.Kasturirangan, Mr.G.Madhavan Nair till the present Chairman Dr.K.Radhakrishnan has been inculcating the same values and the organization runs as a family. The main motivating factor for all the scientists and engineers at ISRO are the challenges in their respective assignments. All of them work as a team. Thus they have done India proud by inserting the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft in Mar’s Orbit in the first chance. The mission was so efficient that one can say it costs Rs.5 ($0.083) per km. More cost effective than a rickshaw. But the technology is state of the art and cutting edge with no rubber bands and scotch tapes. The project is so humble that they did not even put up the national tricolor on the satellite.

One can’t wait to see the first photograph captured by MOM of the red planet.

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