e2e presents ‘Business Strategy for Startups’

Sammy MusaS

 In Marketing we’ve read about B2B and B2C. Now, what is E2E? Well, it could be Exchange to Exchange or Engineer to Engineer. But ‘Education to Employment’ is just amazing and so meaningful. E2E – a group founded by Omer Alimam organized a workshop named ‘Business Strategy for Startups’ at Faisal Cultural Centre, Riyadh, Khartoum on Saturday 24th Aug’14. The speaker was Sammy Musa MBA from Manchester Business School. Sammy was born in Sudan but bred in UK for the last 30 years. His English accent says it all. He returned to Khartoum in 2007 as Quality Manager at DAL Dairy Factory. Soon he was Supply Chain Manager, two years later Strategic Projects Manager and in 2012 he was promoted as Deputy General Manager. Sammy started his career as Factory Manager in UK in 2000.

In his presentation Sammy interacted with the audience and made them raise hands and asked questions to drive home the meaning of Entrepreneur, who starts a business, why one starts a business, the types of business, steps to process the business idea, business entry strategies and the steps to start a business. The Q&A session was held for 40 minutes and the audience of about 100 people comprising students, entrepreneurs and professionals, took home the  message that if one needs to be independent and an achiever he or she can start a business provided one is opportunistic, innovative , proactive, self confident and a calculated risk taker.

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