Kullo Sanna Wa Inta Tayeb

Kullo Sanna Wa Inta Tayeb

A Sudanese journalist interviewed the Ambassador of India H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma at an Iftar and wanted to know about Iftars in India. The Ambassador shared that Iftars in India were more of a homely affair which included friends from all religions. The most popular Indian dishes during Iftar are Koftas, Kababs, Biryanis and Firni (pudding) . His Excellency was then asked what was his favourite Sudanese dish, to which he remarked Aseeda and Omali (bread pudding).

On Thursday, 24th July’14,the Ambassador and his wife Mrs. Gunjan Verma visited the patients in the Medical ward of Khartoum Teaching Hospital and distributed food to break the fast for 80 patients including the hospital staff. Dr.Hany Gaafar Eltom Zeyad, an active member of the Sudanese Indian Friendship Association remarked that this was a very kind gesture from the Indian Ambassador.

Today the Ambassador wishes one and all Eid Mubarak and Kullo Sanna Wa Inta Taibeen and we wish H.E.Sanjay Kumar Verma a Very Happy Birthday. Remarkable coincidence isn’t it ?

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