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Laparoscopic Surgeon in Managil

Laparoscopic Surgeon in ManagilLapAward

Laparoscopic surgery is keyhole surgery with minimal invasion. It is a modern surgical technique in which operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions. This specialized surgery is performed by Surgeons and Gynaecologists by making use of images displayed on TV monitors to magnify the surgical elements.
The Fourth World Congress of Laparoscopic Surgeons was held at the World Laparoscopy Hospital in Delhi, India on February 8th and 9th 2014. This International conference was well attended by Surgeons and Gynaecologists all over the world. One such Surgeon was Dr.Mohamed ElFatih Mohamed ElHag who is a surgeon in Managil, Gezira State in Sudan. Dr.Mohamed Elfatih had obtained his Laparoscopic training earlier from the Laparoscopic hospital in India. He must have made at least three trips to this hospital in India for training. The picture shows him receiving his certificate from leaders of Laparoscopic surgery at the World Congress.


School Toppers and Karate Kids

School Toppers and Karate Kids

The two common factors between siblings Lina and Mohamed Elhaj are that they both have a Brown Belt in Karate and both have achieved excellent results in their Primary School Examinations.
Lina Emad Mohamed Alhaj is this year’s Topper in Sudanese Primary Certificate Examination with a total of 279 out of 280. Her father Emad said that they had expected her to do well. When asked about how many hours of study she devoted in a day, Emad replied that Lina always maintained a daily routine of studies in the evening after school and also watched TV and played games. She actually did not put in extra hours during the Exams because she had studied consistently well throughout the year. Lina’s favourite subjects are Science and English. She nurtures the hope to be an architect or an interior designer someday. Lina thanks her parents particularly her mother for her good results. She is also grateful to her school Khartoum Shariq and her teachers Malik, Isam, Gibreel and the school leader Baday.
Her brother Mohamed Elhag is very happy for her because Lina has topped the results with 279 while he had scored the third highest with 278 in 2012. He will feel more proud of her when he accompanies her to the Police Club for Karate lessons.


Congratulations Anuradha Lohia

Congratulations Anuradha Lohia

If you see the group picture below, the girl in the extreme left is Anuradha Fatehpuria. We used to call her Fateh. I somehow was always comfortable calling her Anuradha. We were classmates studying the same subjects in the same college in Calcutta. She was a pleasant person with a spring in her gait. Later we knew that she was a dancer. We had witnessed the Arangetram her first public performance of Kuchipudi dance with her Guru at the YMCA auditorium in Chowringhee. She got married while studying in college and was renamed Anuradha Lohia. After graduating with flying colours she joined Science College to study her Master’s in Biochemistry. The last time I saw her was in the canteen of Science College almost 35 years ago.
She later became a Senior Professor of Biochemistry in Bose Institute. And today she has been selected as Vice Chancellor of Presidency University, our alma mater. That is why she said “ Whatever I learnt at Presidency College, I will return it for the best of Presidency University”. I am sure you will Anuradha. All the best to you. She sadly shut down her Facebook account and I will receive no more comments from her on my posts. I guess one has to pay the price for positions especially in academic institutions.


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