Sudanese Girl gets UWC scholarship in India

mawadahSudanese Girl gets UWC scholarship in India

I didn’t know about United World Colleges (UWC) until I heard about my son’s classmate Mawada Abdalla getting a UWC scholarship and going to Pune to study IB. UWC Mahindra College in Pune is financially supported by business house Mahindra & Mahindra. The college occupies 175 acres land with prize winning campus buildings and natural environment. There are 14 UWC colleges all over the world but Mawada Abdalla of year 11 Unity High School, Khartoum, Sudan has got admission with scholarship into UWC Mahindra, Pune in India. Mawada is looking forward to her two years stay in India. You’ll love it Mawada. By the way let me add Mawada is Head Girl in Unity of 2014 and her speech as Head Girl at the graduation was excellent.
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