Indian Ambassador meets Ahmed Haroun at Al Ubbayid

Indian Ambassador meets Ahmed Haroun at Al Ubbayid

If one searches the name of the capital of North Kordofan in the internet, one will get two spellings, Al Ubbayid and El Obeid. The Ambassador of India prefers the former because it sounds more Arabic.
The Ambassador of India H.E. Sanjay Kumar Verma visited Al Ubbayid on 9th & 10th April on an invitation from the Wali of North Kordofan, Moulana Ahmed Haroun. The Ambassador met the Wali and his cabinet and discussed fruitful ways to deepen and enhance cooperation. Subjects of special interest included agriculture, health, water resources, sanitation and capacity building. Issues of ecological degradation were discussed with India’s possible assistance. Rain water harvesting was discussed with models for access to public services and India’s experience. Ambassador Verma offered training courses to be provided to the Sudanese citizens in North Kordofan.
The Ambassador visited an edible oil mill and a vocational training center. A dinner was hosted by the alumni of Indian universities in the city. The former graduates found it very nostalgic and memorable.
The Indian Ambassador travelled by road and enjoyed the journey, singing his favourite Indian film songs.


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