Tourism in Sudan

Tourism in Sudan

The Second International Tourism & Marketing Exhibition in Sudan was inaugurated on 6th April ’14 at Burri Fair Ground, Khartoum. The Minister of Tourism, Antiquities & Wildlife Dr (Eng.) Mohammed Abdul Karim Al-Had has supervised the exhibition which will be held from 6th to 10 April’14. The dignitaries present at the opening were Vice President of Sudan Lt.Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh, Ethiopian Minister of Culture and Tourism Ms.Tadelech Dalecho and Prince Bandar Bin Fahd al Fahid President of the Arab Tourism Organization along with other Ministers, Ambassadors and Diplomats. The Ethiopian Tourism Minister expressed her commitment for collaboration in Tourism between Ethiopia and Sudan and that’s a very good idea. My humble suggestion to Tourism Minister Dr.(Eng.) Mohamed Abdul Karim Al-Had is to first promote Sudanese Tourism to Sudanese citizens. How many families in Khartoum State or Gezira state have actually visited Bejrawiya? Not to speak of Naga , Jebel Barakal, Kareema or Jebel Taka in Kassala. Sudanese citizens should get an incentive to visit the places of tourism in Sudan. When will Dinder Game Park be ready and attractive for tourists? Once the people of Sudan take pride in their own tourism they will start promoting it. Tourist operators in Egypt and Ethiopia will then collaborate with Sudanese Tourist operators. Foreigners visiting Egypt and Ethiopia as tourists will also include Sudan in their itinerary.

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1 thought on “Tourism in Sudan

  1. Completely agree with your suggestions, they should encourage and incentivize those who promote Domestic Tourism, Trans-State tourism,India has a vast experience in that.Reflect that to them,I know you surley got the links.


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